No timing, just a Start and Finish line winners move on and two-time almost winners go to almost winners bracket for more racing. NO CONES!!! Stateline uses Euro-style course markers. Learning the course is part of the sport. Any driver that hits a course marker or causes a Red Flag will forfeit that race lap.

Two Drivers will start at two different Start/Finish lines on the same course. Two driver car rule. If both drivers of the same car race into the same late bracket each will run a lap on a stopwatch to move to the next bracket. Two driver cars will be placed on 1st round bracket to reduce that risk. No more than 2 drivers in any one ride.

One HOUR morning test and tune sessions for each driver group (two groups of 20 or less drivers). You will get more laps and racing time at this event than any other you have raced.

Blind Draw Brackets will set afternoon Double Elimination. Winner run-off and almost winner run-off races.