What is Braket Racing

In 2016, StatelineRallyCross changed the sport of rallycross by making it more exciting for driver and spectator alike with the introduction of double elimination bracket racing. With simplified classing of cars based on type of vehicle and drivetrain it creates fun and edge-of-your-seat racing for everyone.

Bracket racing is simply two drivers competing on the same course at the same time. The risk of contact is eliminated, yet the style allows for true racing from the same start line back to the same finish line.

These double elimination bracket events start with a one hour unlimited lap practice session for each driver group. After both driver groups have enjoyed their practice session, the bracket racing begins.

As illustrated below, the driver in the pink car and the driver in the gold car leave the same start line at the same time. They drive the blue course around its entirety crossing over the opponent’s start line on their way back to their start line. The winner is the driver who crosses their start line first. The double elimination racing format allows drivers to know instantly if they won or lost.

Drivers are never close enough to risk impact with their opponent. They are essentially always on opposite sides of the course. There is no passing allowed. If a driver should lose control or slow down considerably, the driver that was caught forfeits that race. That lap will then be ended as necessary.

Once again demonstrating that it is a next level racing company, StatelineRallyCross got rid of cone penalties and orange cones by incorporating stage rally-style course markers. These course markers reduce the need for drivers to use their off time on the course shagging cones.

In addition to amped up excitement for drivers and spectators, bracket racing eliminates the need for complicated timing systems. The concept reduces the need for staffing of events allowing drivers more time to be spectators themselves.