2525 E Ash Rd, Byron, Illinois, 61010

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ALL CARS, UTV’s & Full Size Trucks/SUV’s welcomed to the nice HARD surface of Byron MotoX. We are going to use the easier 2WD and 4WD run groups. Raptors/Full Size Trucks will run in 4WD group even if you are not in 4X4. No Rental Cars Allowed! No designed jumps.

Only 90 mins from greater Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison. MotoByron is a gun and alcohol FREE venue with ZERO tolerance and life time ban for those breaking the rules.

Spectator FEE! Started last event. We allowed anyone that had not heard about it and without cash to pass. We can’t allow it this time. We will be able to take cards at next event. Please let everyone you know coming to watch there is a FEE for them. Each driver is allowed one free crew member. $10 each or car-load for $20.00. Kids under 5 free. ALL our venues now have spectator fee’s.

Current Standings

Each CLASS earns points.

1st Place = 12 points
2nd Place = 7 points
3rd Place = 4 points
4th Place = 2 points
5th Place = 1 point
No DNF’s = 2 points
Fast Lap of Heat = 1 point
Fast Lap of Day = 1 point

Why do points matter? Top 3 Drivers for the season save money on the 2019 Season races. Overall 1st Place 50% off, 2nd Place 25% off and 3rd Place 15% off.

2017 Winners

1st Place // Piotr Boczek
2nd Place // Ryan Johnson
3rd Place // Prem Widyna

2016 Winners

1st Place // Tyler Jordi
2nd Place // Eric Egli
3rd Place // Jeff Lutka

2015 Winners

1st Place // Dan Kelly
2nd Place // Prem Widyna
3rd Place // Cody Schuessler

BMS - June
Date: Jun 10, 2017
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Byron Motosports Park
Program: Time Trials
BMS - April
Date: Apr 22, 2017
Time: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Venue: Byron Motosports Park
Program: Bracket Racing
1 2

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