I can no longer overcome the increasing insurance demands and costs. Coupled with our decreasing market share and increasing competition I can no longer justify underwriting the program.

SLRC did something many said could not be done and a lot longer than many people thought we could. That is all because of each driver that raced with us. I am forever grateful to call you friends and rallycross partners. We should all be very proud of what we accomplished and the history we created.

I have encouraged Byron MX and WI SCCA RX to work together to host events.

I hope all of you will Rally Up to enjoy some Dirty Speed with the SCCA events.
Be sure to Like and FOLLOW Milwaukee Region SCCA – RallyCross
If anyone can keep “local” RX going it will be WI and Iowa SCCA.

There are many people I should thank, but I’ll forget one or more and that would suck. Therefor I know, you know, who you are, and THANK YOU!
I must say thanks to Josh who invited me to my 1st RX, which was a WAG event, where I learned from Dave Parps how to drive and run RX events, then Indiana Rallycross set a new standard that empowered a few of us to start StatelineRallycross.
I’ll be racing my red MINI with Arkansas SCCA Rallycross events this year and hope to see many of you in Iowa for SCCA Nationals in Sept. THANK YOU ALL, 😢 Dustin