There will be some Timed events at Byron. US Air will always be Bracket Racing. Why? Because of the dirty business side of grassroots racing.

Yep, the money. Timed events are boring for spectators. Bracket events are more exciting for spectators and drivers.

Insurance costs keep going up!

Insurance cost is driven by Spectators. 1 or 1,000 doesn’t matter, it cost the same to insure.

Bigger and better venues also cost more money. Most of you wouldn’t want to pay the real price to RX at US Air. Hint, without paying spectators we can’t afford to race at US Air. Hint, without paying spectators we can’t race much longer at Byron for the current price.

Some may be thinking, “get more drivers“, well that’s fine but more drivers means fewer laps. You really want fewer laps for the same or more money? “Get sponsors” guess what $ponsors want, $pectators!

The Bracket events work very well. Most drivers at our last Byron event enjoyed more laps than ever before. We also had more spectators and new drivers.

Bracket racing may not be your cup of tea, but it is the shot of Whiskey spectators want and YOU need spectators to keep all our RX events going. Your support of both events is needed to have any events.

Register for the upcoming events:
US Air Motorsports – May Event
Byron Motorsports Park – June Event