Do you all recall what happen after our 1st event at Diggers? The 2nd event at Diggers SOLD OUT in 24 hours! If you liked Diggers you’ll Love US Air, if you loved Diggers you’ll move to US Air. So now is the time to SIGN UP! Let your friends know too. We are going to limit this event to only 40 total drivers! We know 40 is really about the best number of drivers for an event that gives all drivers enough track time and doesn’t make the event run too late.

It’s come to my understanding that some people think this is a one-time event at US Air. NOT! It is the 1st of 3 events this year. We have not worked this hard and invested this much for one event. We will be at US Air May 21st, July 15th & Sept 16th with even more to come next year.

Plus our events in Byron IL where you can race the UTV on any tires you want.
We would like to host UTV only events at US Air as well.

Did you see this video?


Also, What’s more fun than watching Dirty Speed and smoking snow tires around a dual surface course? Watching DRIFT CARS REALLY SMOKE Tires! Local Drifters will provide entertainment between our racing sessions to make sure our Spectators are never bored.