This post is an attempt to clarify the need for protection on UTVs to keep your arms and hands protected in the event of a rollover. We encourage you to use hand restraints a combination of doors or nets to reduce the odds of your arms coming out of the vehicle. These images represent just a few of the designs I found at dealers today. I will go into greater detail on each of the below photographs. If you are not 100% sure about your need for door or net modifications please post a picture of yourself sitting in the seat with door or net in place.

If your shoulder is above the fixed door or net you will need hand restraints or a higher net.

Here’s an example of a high shoulder net that would be allowed as it is because it is higher than my shoulder. While there is always a risk of my hands and arms being injured it is minimized by this design.

This buggy design is perhaps optimal because it is a fixed object higher than the top of my shoulder. While a net would be encouraged it would not be required on this UTV

This would require netting or hand restraints in order to race at our events

This door net combination would be legal to race at our event. Remember the goal is to have something as tall as your shoulder to help reduce the odds of your arm coming out of the vehicle.