Event CONFIRMED! We are racing this Sat with or WITHOUT YOU! Based on current driver list we all need to show up with a full tank to take LOTS-O-LAPS!!!

I’m also clearing the deck and allowing ANYTHING you want to race to race! If I don’t think it’s safe to race you will get a refund. Signup online in the class you think it fits best. UTV’s can run without side nets too.

In the last two years, I’ve talked with most every RX driver in the state. Almost everyone said they wanted more events and more track time. I’ve given you BOTH with a new exciting format. Where are you now? Good thing our venue host is holding the mud bog at the same time or I’d be canceling this event.

We can’t keep making investments in YOUR sport if YOU don’t sign up, pay up and show up! We are not SCCA with endless money and cheap insurance. We do this for YOU! Trust me it’s easier to show up, race and go home than host one. We also can’t get “better” venue/s without more driver history. We all need to start somewhere.


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