Event CONFIRMED! While we are still a couple short I’m going to risk it. Let’s RALLY UP!!!

It’s not too late to sign up. Let your friends know ASAP. Also note we have tickets for a “test” class for you to be able to run double laps. The “test” class times do not count towards your official times.

I think we have sorted out the classing issues we had but be ready for other drivers to take a 2nd look at your car if there are questions please see Josh with the blue Neon #33.

Be sure to review event details at BOTH our main site and Facebook page.
• http://statelinerallycross.com/events/rallycross-north-june-5th-2016/


Please review ALL comments on Facebook as well. These changes are due to other drivers, events, groups and insurance policy changes. Time to put your big boy pants on. For your safety anyone racing with any interior parts removed or replaced with aftermarket parts from the drivers door, dash, under dash, center console and steering wheel/column MUST WEAR LONG PANTS and LONG sleeve shirt to protect your skin from exposed edges in the compartment.

We don’t care what you wear so long as it covers your skin. We will spot check at events. 1st HEAT you will be allowed to go get what’s needed and race in the next heat. 2nd HEAT you don’t race that do and NO refund. If you have ONLY removed rear interior you can race naked.

“Stateline RX you may remove any or all REAR seats and related area trim and soft goods in Rally Prep Classes” Dustin speaking here, I’ve always thought when the ONLY reason a car was pushed into Mod Class was due to lack of rear interior it was not “right”. I created the above rule for SLRC events. In part to reward those that keep the front compartment stock for safety and in part because I think it’s over-reaching. Again you can ONLY remove OEM parts starting at the back of the front seats to the rear of the car.

After a phone call with a driver I wanted to let you all know you CAN add Safety stuff and STAY in STOCK or Prep Class. Roll bar or cage will only move you if you don’t keep the interior. Take a look inside the blue Neon #33 to see how it can be done. Skid plates, Racing seats and belts are also allowed in stock class.



No one under 18 allowed in cars or on course. Passengers are not allowed. Co-Drivers are allowed. The two-page form that all drivers filled out last event at gate will ALSO need to be filled out by ALL Co-Drivers that want to get in the right seat. If you want to save time at the gate you can print and fill it out from this link.


Thanks again for racing with Stateline, Dustin