We ran 3 classes of drivers today. FWD, RWD and AWD.

The 1st Bracket Round Class Winners are:
FWD // Brady Loretz
RWD // Ellis Gildner
AWD // Ankit Patel

We then had a run off of those 3 drivers with results:
1st // Ankit Patel
2nd // Ellis Gildner
3rd // Brady Loretz

Then the drivers voted to do a 8 driver bracket mixing all the cars/truck together. That is the below bracket sheet. It was by far the most fun to watch. The Neon drivers Brady Loretz and Nick Mellenthin racing to the finish knocking out “faster” cars 😉

The results of 2nd 8 driver bracket was:
1st // Ankit Patel
2nd // Nick Mellenthin
3rd // Brady Loretz

Thanks again to ALL the drivers that signed up, showed up to try a new idea. Thank you all for helping Stateline Rallycross make history today on a clean sheet of paper for our sport.



The Course

Here’s the course we ran today. Half Mile long avg clock when needed was 1:24.