Due to unforeseen challenges at the new venue, the GPS timing system unfortunately reflected data that we feel cannot be used in a competitive manner. Your fun is only half of our mission. It is our job to uphold the integrity of the competitive end of RallyX. And after hours of extrapolating data, we determined it’d be simply irresponsible to score the points for awards.

Here are the better data we could get for some of you on the 1.1 mile course.
Driver’s lap times at https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/pub?key=0AoFFjAyGmvrydEx6WDhSQW80RXMyVVlfQlZNZlhhVnc&single=true&gid=0&output=html

Moving forward, we are working on changes that will be tested before the Sept 14th event. For instance, no more messing around with painters tape. We will be offering suction cup holders for the GPS units (we suspect the drastic elevation change at Byron is rendering the tape virtually useless). We are also working around the very limited data signal at Moto Byron and will be using paper based reporting at venue until another system is found. Results will be posted online after the event.

Bottom line, all timing systems cost $1000.00 or more with none of them being 100% all the time. It’s our goal to move forward with GPS based timing for many reasons that we will all benefit from in the years to come. We will continue to adapt to bring you the best RallyX experience anywhere. We thank you for growing with us through our achievements as well as your patience and understanding through our challenges.

Sincerely, Stateline RallyX.


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