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All Laps Will Count For The 2015 Season

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More 2015 News! ALL LAPS WILL COUNT! Just like in Stage Rally, every lap will count. There are many reasons for this move but most of all it changes how you drive every lap. Having run a few events with this setup, I too didn’t like it the 1st time.[…]

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Timing For The 2015 Season

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GPS timing. It was a good idea that doesn’t work well enough to use moving forward. We will be investing well over $2,500.00 early in 2015 that will allow Dave Gruentzel to buy and build a custom system taking the best of all the systems we have used over the[…]

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Laps For The 2015 Season

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Each run group will get ONE parade lap, then TWO untimed hot laps before 4 timed laps. If there are changes to the course between the 1st and 2nd heats of a run group, ONE parade lap will be given before the timed laps. No fun runs after event.

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